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  • Untitled-3 copyChicago, Illinois

    "That night, was the first step to God reconciling my marriage..."


“God Bless you Pastor Bennett, I wanted you to know what the Lord has done for me through a word you preached a few years ago. I came to a shut in at Bishop Hudson church in Chicago where you were the speaker. In the beginning of your message you were speaking about doing outreach ministry and how the Lord open doors for you and your ministry to witness to the lost. Then the Lord switched your message and you begin to talk about marriage. You spoke about, how in the church arena we always hear about divorce, but we never hear about how the ones that divorce see the error of their ways and repent and reconcile. That night you said, “It’s okay to go back”. The amazing part about this story is I was in a place thinking about reconciling with my ex-husband.  And I saw in a vision me asking my childhood Pastor was it okay for me to go back, just a small prayer I whispered to the Lord and I didn’t share with anyone. That night when you spoke those words were the first step to God reconciling my marriage. My, then ex-husband and I remarried on December 09, 2013. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you on that night.”





  • Untitled-3 copySacramento, California

    "I went to the youth revival and I was just amazed..."


“I went to the youth revival and I was just amazed. Amazed how I saw the power of the Holy Spirit in full effect. This church changed my perspective of worship. I grew up in churches were It was mostly older people worshiping, praising, and shouting onto God. At this church, it wasn’t just old people but children, teens, and older people. It was a rare moment that i will not forget. I’m glad I came and i will keep coming.”





  • Untitled-3 copyPomona, California

    "She prophesied and prayed over my life in 2011...I have followed her ministry ever since..."


“Pastor Tamara is an anointed Power House for God Almighty to dwell and move through. She prophesied and prayed over my life in 2011 at a women’s conference in Pomona, C.A. I thank God for sending me to her that day. I needed a touch from the Master and she allowed Him to touch many soul’s that day. She allows The Holy Spirit to have His own way. I have followed her ministry ever since. God bless you Pastor Tamara you are truly a warrior and a teacher of the Real gospel of Jesus Christ in these end times. You have inspired me to continue in my calling!”





  • Untitled-3 copyMcKinney, Texas

    "I am a Live-stream viewer...You can definitely feel the power of the Holy Ghost from your screen!"


“IF….you want a Fresh Word from the Lord ,this is the place to be! This ministry preaches nothing but the Truth and it is spoken in power! TIP Fellowship Ministries does not sugar coat the truth but will rebuke you in love , and will build up your inner-man for the Kingdom of God. I am a Live-stream viewer ,and I can personally say I cannot wait to personally visit this church. I only wish they had live streaming prayer and bible studies. You can definitely feel the power of the holy-ghost from your screen!”





  • Untitled-3 copySan Diego, California

    "The Spirit of the Lord is in that place..."


“I just want to say thank you to my TIP Family we visited the church yesterday from San Diego and we were blessed. The Spirit of the Lord is in that place and what a move of God there was in the place. I cried almost the whole time, I thank God for all of you. I came with Pastor Williams and she just wanted to say thank you as well to everyone, we felt so loved and welcomed. Pastor Tamara Bennett is a true Shepherd and she carries the anointing of the Holy Ghost. I just want to say we love all of you and we hope to visit again real soon. Blessings!!”





  • Untitled-3 copyLas Vegas, Nevada

    "While in the hospital my heart stopped beating and it caused me to die for 7 minutes…I firmly know without a shadow of a doubt that heaven is for real...."


“On a Sunday morning I was in a car with my son-in-law driving and my grandson in the backseat. I removed my seatbelt because my grandson began to cry and I couldn’t reach his pacifier. The next thing I knew I woke up and it was Thursday afternoon. The nurse asked me,  ‘Do you remember anything?’ and I said, ‘No.’ She then informed me that I was in a car accident in which I went through the windshield from the backseat of the car. I had head trauma and bled for 5 days on the brain. My pelvis was broken, my lower back was broken and I wasn’t expected to walk. My liver was lacerated and I was in a coma for 4 days. My daughter had to make the decision whether to put me on life support or let God be God. I’ve always told her that I didn’t want to be put on life support and to leave it up to God and Him alone. So she did, and all of my family was at my bed side waiting. While in the hospital my heart stopped beating and it caused me to die for 7 minutes…but God being God brought me through that as well and I firmly know without a shadow of a doubt that heaven is for real. The doctors were amazed at my recovery and said that I was a walking miracle. I read the witnesses account of the accident report and saw that God allowed a registered nurse to be the first person on the scene to assist me until the ambulance arrived. Only God could orchestrate something amazing like that. God knew that I would tell the story of  how amazing He really is. I want the world to know what an amazing God we serve and how God does perform miracles and prayer does work. Praise God!!!”





  • Untitled-3 copyCalifornia

    "That was the best church service we've ever been to!! The people are so real and we've never experienced anything like it!"


“That was the best church service we’ve ever been to!! The people are so real and we’ve never experienced anything like it! We both felt so welcomed and loved!


We are thankful!”



  • Untitled-3 copySouthern, CA

    "No one had to lay hands on me, I was able to receive what I needed through the word and the worship! I came all the way from Southern California and I will be back again..."



“I have to say that I was truly blessed by last weeks revival (11.18 – 11.20). This ministry is a ministry of excellence and the power of God is there. What I love about my experience is that no one had to lay hands on me, I was able to receive what I needed through the word and the worship! I came all the way from Southern California and I will be back again for that great out pour of the Spirit…”





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  1. May 26, 2016

    After watching Pastor Tamara Bennett on YouTube since March 2016; I have been truly touched by her preaching and teaching. It conforms me to seek to want to no more about Jesus. My residency is currently in Rockwall Texas. As an avid E-Member, I wanted to give her the support that is due in Arlington Texas @ Destiny Point Christian Center. Pastor was so phenomenal. The words were indescribable. The Holy Spirit was all in the sanctuary. My words after service is; I will come to California to see Pastor at her church. It will be totally worth the trip. Also the next time Pastor comes to Texas; as an E-Member I will gather other E-Members to support the Pastor in person. Blessings to you Pastor and TIP Ministries.

  2. August 23, 2016

    I give God all the glory for the wonderful things He is doing in the body of Christ. I was first made aware of Pastor Tamara Bennett’s ministry by a friend. I watch YouTube after YouTube video and the sound teaching, wisdom and powerful prayers captivated me. Recently I was able to be apart of a Women’s conference that convened in Saginaw, MI August 12-13th. MY WHAT LIFE CHANGING experience!! Pastor Tamara ministered in such a powerful way! The glory was in there Friday evening although there was issues with her getting from the airport. That truly didn’t stop what God had in store! She is kind and gentle in spirit. I was able to greet her that Friday night and she responded with the love of God! I couldn’t stop slipping into the presence of the Lord all the way home that night! I got up early Saturday morning only after having a few hours of sleep to return for the morning glory! I praised God the way there! When I arrived, I CAN SAY GOD MOVED MIGHTILY!!! I didn’t want to leave!! My prayer life has been restored in a POWERFUL way! I can feel God’s presence like never before! Truly I am not the same! That song Pastor Bennett song “Thy Will Be Done” is yet ringing in my spirit! I am so grateful to God! I give Him all the glory! May He keep using her as a vessel for Him and please continue to keep Dawn form Detroit in prayer.

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